Windy City Wedding Venues Blues

Windy City Wedding Venues Blues

Sometimes looking for a wedding venue in the Windy City makes you want to sing the blues, but in a good way

After popping the question to Tina, Mike wasn’t too surprised when she shouted out, “Of course, you big dummy!” like the question was the most natural thing in the world. They had spent a wonderful day along Lake Michigan, with the sun shining and the sky dotted here and those with white fluffy clouds. It could not have been more of a perfect summer afternoon. That evening, once they left the lakeside, Mike was able to pull a few strings for a front seat show at a local music venue, somewhere intimate and out of the way. It was expensive, befitting the occasion, and the ambiance came with a Special 20’s blues band playing on stage, a favorite of Mike and Tina’s.

As time moved on and the day of the wedding grew closer, Tina and Mike, who weren’t the ‘planning type’, continued to procrastinate on getting wedding plans together. They did find a few willing friends to help with the ‘save the dates’. But if they were going to be able to take the next step and send out genuine invitations, they knew were they were going to have to find a wedding venue, and fast. The unsettling thought did the trick make some plans of his own.

A Needle In a Haystack: Wedding Venues in Chicago

They knew there was no other option than to make the Windy City their hitching destination, it had all the glamour and trendiness that the couple both adored. Plus, Tina’s family wasn’t exactly fond of driving, but lived in Chicago, and Mike’s family liked traveling, but lived in Michigan. This made the planning a bit easier, but they still had a long way to go. Eventually they realized that they would need to hire a professional to help them stay on track. Fortunately, Tina’s mother knew of a wedding planner that she said was ‘stellar’. Mike was dubious, Tina was adamant, and both of them knew that this probably was the right choice.

Naturally, the wedding planner went right to work, coming up with ideas for picking Chicagoland banquet halls. However, due to Tina’s rather indecisive nature, it took her several weeks to pick the one she liked. There were plenty of hotels, a bunch of churches, lots of great options, but she didn’t just want to have a cliché wedding reception. Of course not.

Chrissy, the wedding planner, decided to think outside the box. She wanted to find an old-unique, but new-contemporary sort of space, while at the same time, they could have live music – sort of like the kind of live music they enjoyed on their wedding day.

The Day Arrives

Tina still felt somewhat unprepared. Though she had the dress, the flowers, the trimmings, the decorations, and the wedding venue picked, she still felt like she had forgotten something. Despite her anxiety, the ceremony felt like it took less than ten minutes, and before the two knew it, they were on their way to the reception. Mike seemed a little confident, in the out-of-the-ordinary kind of way.

“What is that smirk on your face? What did you do?” she asked him with a suspicious giggle.

“Oh, nothing dearest dear princess… dear,” he quipped with a raised eyebrow.

When they arrived, Tina was flabbergasted to see the Special 20’s playing on, the same band they had seen on the night they got engaged. “Nooo waaay!!” Tina exclaimed.

Tina was so happy she gave Mikes arm a loving, but hard wallop. “This will be a fun ride,” they thought. “A fun ride, indeed.”