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Chicago: The Place for Your Special Event

Chicago: The Place for Your Special Event

People from all over the world get married in Chicago. It is a metropolis that has retained its class and accepted globalization without losing its culture. It is renowned for its architecture, its dynamic nightlife, and its down to earth American charm. But more so than anything else, it is truly a beautiful city. The skyline itself is one of the most easily recognized and most adored across the globe.

If you’re looking for Chicago wedding venues, not only are you in great luck, but you are in good company, as Chicago Areas are among the loveliest in the world. And Chicago banquet halls have hosted some of the most spectacular wedding receptions in Chicago history. This is because the backdrop of the Windy City with the sun setting over Lake Michigan makes for the perfect romantic setting for a luxury wedding. Throughout history, elegant couples in black and white have emerged from the many banquet halls in Chicago, their faces glowing with the excitement of their new lives. They walk down the streets of Michigan Avenue, with their train of family of friends behind them, before stepping into their limousine and riding through the Chicago night.

In addition to the glorious cityscape, the city boasts 570 parks, and a majority of them perfect Chicago wedding locations. Lincoln Park, Hyde Park, Millennium Park, and others are special event venues for thousands of weddings each year. The park system established in Chicago is second only to New York City. Additionally, banquet halls in Chicago, oftentimes, are situated directly in the parks themselves. The architecture of these grand halls is magnificently constructed and retains the intrigue of decades past. In a banquet hall in Chicago you’ll find the meeting of old and new. And in these locales, you’ll feel as if you have stepped into another world. A world where time stands still, if only for a moment.


But these luxurious Banquet Halls in Chicago are not only reserved for western-style Chicago wedding receptions. In fact, any number of special events take place at these beautifully crafted venues. Each year, hundreds of breathtaking Indian Weddings are scheduled in the crafted corridors. These celebrations are miracles of light and color, and any passerby will be swept away by the energy of the music and dancing bodies within. And in addition to weddings as a whole, you will often see Bat Mitzvah and Quinceanera celebrations and birthday parties in these venues as well.

Although the essence of the old world lingers of the banquet halls in Chicago, you’ll quickly discover that the wedding receptions in Chicago suburbs are an entirely different story. The city of Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the entire country, a fact that’s evidenced by the wealth of culture within its various regions. If you wander into Highland Park, Illinois for example (23 miles North of the Chicago Loop) you may come across a Jewish Wedding or two. The regions of Highland Park, Lincolnwood, Glencoe, and Northbrook are among the most prominent Jewish communities in the country.

But regardless of where you choose to have your wedding, as long as you’re in Chicago, it will be beautiful.

Still undecided?  We went through all the places and hand picked a few banquet halls that you will just love.

Astoria Banquet and Conference Center

1375 West Dundee Rd
Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089
(847) 392-7500
Discover elegance and affordability at one of the best kept secrets in fine banquets. Weddings, Corporate events, Private Parties are welcome. Astoria Banquets

Enjoy your special day in an intimate and private atmosphere, the banquet facility where service isn’t complete until the smallest details have been attended to.  Banquets

Royalty East Banquet Hall

3810 W. 63rd Street
Chicago, IL 60629
(773) 735-4415
The Royalty East Banquet Hall has been in business for over 20 years and has the experience to make sure that your reception goes smoothly. Royalty East Banquet Hall

These are just a few of the many different banquet halls and facilities that you can find in the state of Illinois. I suggest that you take your time in choosing the right facility for your needs.
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