Why Chicago Suburbs Back Country Bride did not need a Banquet Hall

The Chicago back country bride was to decided: banquet hall or banquet reception ?

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Susan was always more of a country girl, and that never changed, even when she went off to college in Chicago. It was only a matter of time before she would meet Daniel in her History 101 class, and he would sweep her off her feet. Soon there was a ring and a popped question, met with a teary-eyed “Yes.”

However, there was a bit of a difficult problem to solve. Should they have their wedding in the city? Should they have their wedding in the country? The point of contention was cause for a bit of stress. However, Daniel was always someone who could come up with ingenious compromises, which is how he was able to suggest a radical idea that could get them to have both.

Since Daniel was rather religious, and Susan was not, he insisted that they get married in his church in Chicago. Then, the family would make the long, 2-hour drive out to where Jennifer grew up, and they would have the wedding reception in the Suburbs of Chicago instead of banquet hall. While it would be somewhat of a difficult plan to pull off, it could be done.


City Cathedral

Banquet hall or banquet reception..?

The morning wedding ceremony was gorgeous, with white and pink flower petals scattered on the floor of Daniel’s family’s church. The old cathedral had vaulted ceilings, and beautiful stained glass, offering a touch of antiquity to the ceremony. The wedding setting was timeless, which was a perfect theme for the commitment that both were about to make.

Susan’s wedding dress was stunning, fitting her petite figure flawlessly. Daniel’s heart stopped beating as he watched his fiancé walk down the aisle. He had to remember to breathe.

Once the ‘I do’s’ were said, the two exited the church, met with guests, and they were on their way. Even though Daniel had to drive rather than using a limo, the two felt like royalty. The drive down on that summer day was beautiful, and it went fast. The two talked the entire way about what life would be like as a family. The arrived in Susan’s small town, and met with the photographer.


Reception In the Woods, Who needs a Banquet Hall?

The photo shoot didn’t take long. Before the two knew it, they were staring at a beautifully displayed reception in the woods. Under the giant maple trees, there was a large tent with white streamers and flowers. On each round table, they placed disposable cameras, so that all the guests could take pictures. The flashes were dazzling, as they partied into the evening hours as the sun went down.