I Pronounce You, Chef and Chef

Marie and Jason weren’t exactly a ‘normal’ couple. Both of them are highly distinguished chefs, running their own fine dining restaurants in Chicago. They met when they were in college for culinary arts, and both instantly knew they had something special. It didn’t take long for them to realize that their passion for each other and for great food was something they would have for the rest of their lives. Jason bought a ring and hit his knee, and Marie said yes. However, the fun was just about to begin.cropped-cupcake11.jpg

Food for Thought

There was one major point of contention throughout the entire wedding planning process. Who should they use to cater the wedding reception? Both Jason and Marie are very business-minded individuals, and they couldn’t stand the thought of catering their wedding through one of their competitors. It just didn’t feel right, so Marie suggested an idea that got them thinking outside the box.

She suggested that the couple cater their own wedding. Rather than going with someone else who wouldn’t meet Jason’s and Marie’s standards, they could bring in their own expertise. Jason also thought that this would be a great advertisement for their businesses as well. After realizing that there were far more pros than cons in this plan, they decided to go for it. Everyone thought they were crazy. They were excited.

They soon realized the complexity involved in planning their own wedding and taking on the task of catering. They worried that they might have to abandon their crazy plan. But luckily, as wedding day marched closer and closer, things began to fall into place.

When the day finally came, and both found themselves more excited than they had ever been. This was the moment when they begin their lives together. Of course, this was also the moment when they were about to feel the rush of catering to all 237 guests.

Standing in the Victorian-style gazebo, with the beautiful estate surrounding them on that extraordinary day in May, they said their ‘I Do’s’ in front of the minister and their friends and family. Within minutes, they proceeded from that place; arm in arm …and on their way to the kitchen.

The Finishing Touch

Once the wedding guests dispersed, they began to stream into the reception hall, a large-stylish room with ornate chandeliers, mahogany trim, and wait-staff bustling about, handing out cocktails and champagne. The fun was about to begin.

The couple proceeded to roll up their sleeves, anticipating the task before them. This was their moment. The two lived for these high-paced times in the kitchen, and they were about to experience it together for the first time; not just as two chefs, but also as husband and wife.

That was when they received their wedding present from both of their restaurants. Colleagues and familiar faces came streaming in the door, volunteering to help cater the many hungry guests. It was all-hands-on-deck, as the kitchen staff rushed about. It seemed quite obvious that the folks in the kitchen were having more fun than the people in the dining room.

Soon, the time of food preparations and serving came to an end, and the celebrity couple presented themselves in the dining room. The sound of applause erupted, thanking them for the gourmet food and excellent service.

Not quite a normal wedding reception, but it sure made for great food and an unforgettable day.