Wedding Venue Idea Out of the Blue

Chicago Wedding Venue Idea Out of the Blue 2022

Denizens of Chicagoland look out! It’s ‘Facebook official’: March 2013, Jenny got engaged. The flood of comments came streaming in, and the buzz began. Her social butterfly tendencies took flight, as her friends flooded the newsfeed by storm with comments of well wishes. A week went by, when Jenny posted, “So, does anybody know about where I can find good wedding venues I can still rent in 2019, ppl?”

5 minutes went by. 20 minutes went by. Then 3 hours went by, and nothing. “I guess that’s a ‘no’,” she thought. Welcome to 2014..

She was hoping to get some feedback about where her 597 friends wanted to have the reception. Already, she had a church picked out, but the reception was a different matter entirely. It looked like she was going to have to pound the pavement.

Unlikely Suggestion From an Unlikely Guy

Jenny didn’t think that Joe was much of a wedding planner, but much to her surprise, her fiancé actually did a little bit of research on his own. Very nonchalantly, he leaned over to her and pecked her cheek during their Tuesday night Netflix date. “I have an idea,” he said.

“What is it?” asked Jenny.

“I know of this place in the suburbs. I checked it out, just because I knew you were busy last week. It looks pretty cool,” he said.

Jenny was floored. He would have been the last person to check out a wedding venue, so this seemed somewhat out of the ordinary. She was so excited she couldn’t even concentrate on The Avengers (it was Joe’s pick that night.) Read More

Why Chicago Suburbs Back Country Bride did not need a Banquet Hall

The Chicago back country bride was to decided: banquet hall or banquet reception ?

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Susan was always more of a country girl, and that never changed, even when she went off to college in Chicago. It was only a matter of time before she would meet Daniel in her History 101 class, and he would sweep her off her feet. Soon there was a ring and a popped question, met with a teary-eyed “Yes.”

However, there was a bit of a difficult problem to solve. Should they have their wedding in the city? Should they have their wedding in the country? The point of contention was cause for a bit of stress. However, Daniel was always someone who could come up with ingenious compromises, which is how he was able to suggest a radical idea that could get them to have both. Read More

Knot Over Budget: How One Bride Kept Her Banquet Hall in the Chicago Suburbs

Knot Over Budget: How One Bride Kept Her Banquet Hall in the Chicago Suburbs

In Jessica’s quest for the perfect fairytale wedding, she almost overextended herself, and her budget on the Windy City wedding venue. What had become a nagging feeling over the last several months, the sickening feelings didn’t set in until she went over the numbers. Every girl wants the wedding of her dreams, she wants to have her cake and eat it too, but it looked as if she might be shoehorned into choosing one over the other.

“How is this possible? Am I really $3,500 over budget?” She thought. Jessica was suddenly faced with a decision of cutting major costs, and even postponing the wedding entirely. It was a sobering idea, but she wasn’t going to give in. She thought to herself, “this is a normal part of the planning process, I’ll just have to think my way out of it.”

After talking with James, her fiancé, it became apparent that he hadn’t realized just how deep the problem was. To James it seemed that a fundamental change in their plan was needed – or they were going to go into their marriage already in debt, which is never a good situation, and therefore not an option. Read More

Windy City Wedding Venues Blues

Windy City Wedding Venues Blues

Sometimes looking for a wedding venue in the Windy City makes you want to sing the blues, but in a good way

After popping the question to Tina, Mike wasn’t too surprised when she shouted out, “Of course, you big dummy!” like the question was the most natural thing in the world. They had spent a wonderful day along Lake Michigan, with the sun shining and the sky dotted here and those with white fluffy clouds. It could not have been more of a perfect summer afternoon. That evening, once they left the lakeside, Mike was able to pull a few strings for a front seat show at a local music venue, somewhere intimate and out of the way. It was expensive, befitting the occasion, and the ambiance came with a Special 20’s blues band playing on stage, a favorite of Mike and Tina’s.

As time moved on and the day of the wedding grew closer, Tina and Mike, who weren’t the ‘planning type’, continued to procrastinate on getting wedding plans together. They did find a few willing friends to help with the ‘save the dates’. But if they were going to be able to take the next step and send out genuine invitations, they knew were they were going to have to find a wedding venue, and fast. The unsettling thought did the trick make some plans of his own. Read More

Saved By the Wedding Planner: Finding Banquet Halls in Chicago Suburbs

Saved By the Wedding Planner: Finding Banquet Halls in Chicago Suburbs

I hate to say this about my engagement, but little did I know of the nightmare my husband and I would experience when we were trying to find wedding venues in Chicago’s West Loop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the engagement itself was terrible – actually, the proposal was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen …this big giant police officer dude that has put gangsters behind bars couldn’t even put two words together when he was on his knee! Made me feel like one heck of a lady! Ok, where was I? Ah…

Kraig and I set out to try and track down wedding venues in Chicago, but more specifically, around the West Loop area, since that’s basically where both of our families live. It would have just made things incredibly convenient. However, ‘convenience’ was probably the last thing we experienced.

You see, there’s this thing about waiting too long to plan the details of a wedding. It’s a proportionate principle: the more time you have, the more money you save, and the easier it is to plan; the less time you have, the more money you spend, and the harder it is to plan. Unfortunately, Kraig and I ended up closer to the latter. Procrastinators always seem to find each other and fall in love, it’s just the nature of things. Read More