Wedding Venue Idea Out of the Blue

Chicago Wedding Venue Idea Out of the Blue 2022

Denizens of Chicagoland look out! It’s ‘Facebook official’: March 2013, Jenny got engaged. The flood of comments came streaming in, and the buzz began. Her social butterfly tendencies took flight, as her friends flooded the newsfeed by storm with comments of well wishes. A week went by, when Jenny posted, “So, does anybody know about where I can find good wedding venues I can still rent in 2019 or 2020or 2021, ppl?

5 minutes went by. 20 minutes went by. Then 3 hours went by, and nothing. “I guess that’s a ‘no’,” she thought. Welcome to 2014..

She was hoping to get some feedback about where her 597 friends wanted to have the reception. Already, she had a church picked out, but the reception was a different matter entirely. It looked like she was going to have to pound the pavement.

Unlikely Suggestion From an Unlikely Guy

Jenny didn’t think that Joe was much of a wedding planner, but much to her surprise, her fiancé actually did a little bit of research on his own. Very nonchalantly, he leaned over to her and pecked her cheek during their Tuesday night Netflix date. “I have an idea,” he said.

“What is it?” asked Jenny.

“I know of this place in the suburbs. I checked it out, just because I knew you were busy last week. It looks pretty cool,” he said.

Jenny was floored. He would have been the last person to check out a wedding venue, so this seemed somewhat out of the ordinary. She was so excited she couldn’t even concentrate on The Avengers (it was Joe’s pick that night.)

This Could Work

Jenny couldn’t believe it. The venue was gorgeous, the price wasn’t bad, and they even had the option to enjoy their outdoor reception from under a large tent. She must have checked out 10 venues in the city, but it was Joe’s idea to see about banquet halls in Chicagoland suburbs.

“This could work!” she thought.

It wasn’t long before they made the plans, set the date, and got the ball rolling. When she announced their plans on the invitations, she couldn’t believe the response to the wedding venue.

Again, the buzz slammed the newsfeed, and after Jenny commented who gave the idea, most of the replies came back along the line of, “WHAT?! Joe is THE MAN!”

“Yeah, he’s pretty awesome,” she said, with a grin.

About a week before the wedding, everything was just about set. The plans were going smoothly, and unbelievably, ahead of schedule. The nerd that somehow stole her heart in college came through with flying colors. She thought that this was going to be such a stressful time, but Joe helped keep things together.

Joe and Jenny were so excited; they felt like time was ticking faster and faster. When they were eating their usual pizza bagels in the kitchen, Joe turned to her and said, “Ok, so I think I’ve been doing pretty awesome with the wedding. So, can I dress up as Ironman, and you can be Pepper?”

“I should have seen this coming,” she laughed.

On wedding day, she wore her white dress, and while Joe couldn’t be in the ‘Mark 5’, she did let him put a dollar store circular LED sticky light under his tux.

“Best wedding. Ever,” thought Joe on the way to the reception. When they arrived at the banquet hall, Jenny turned to him and said, “Honey, thanks for everything, you’ve stolen my arc reactor.” Then, she pressed on her chest with a ‘click’, and a circular LED light came on under dress. They both burst out laughing uncontrollably.

“I LOVE this woman!” screamed Joe.